Inorganic nutrient salts in seawater are determined by SFA (Segmented Flow Autoanalyzer) (Aminot & Kérouel, 2007) with a SEAL Analytical QuAAtro analyzer using colorimetric methods (Hydes et al., 2010 & Becker et al., 2020).
Nitrate is measured with Cu-Cd reduction Naphthylenediamine method. Nitrite is determined with Naphthylenediamine method. Silicate is analyzed according to Molybdenum blue method. These methods were described by Grasshoff et al (1983). Phosphate is measured with Molybdenum blue photometric method from Murphy & Riley (1962). Concentrations are given in µmol Kg-1.

KANSO-JAMSTEC RMNs (Reference Material for Nutrients in seawater) with different ranges of concentration are used to control de accuracy of our analysis, the RMN  cover the maximum concentration found in the samples. Low Nutrient Seawater (surface seawater filtered and aged) is also used to control low nutrient concentrations. A first quality control procedure is usually performed (if available time) assigning flags to the results (2= good, 3=probably bad, 9= not sampled/analysed).



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