How to add/edit records in EDMO catalog

EDMO contains up-to-date addresses and activity profiles of research institutes, data holding centres, monitoring agencies, governmental and private organisations, that are in one way or another engaged in oceanographic and marine research activities, data & information management and/or data acquisition activities. Currently, EDMO lists and describes more than 4.000 organisations.


EDMO - Submitting new entries

EDMO is a vocabulary with strict governance and only MARIS (or alternatively BODC) can
create new records, while national collators/NODCs are responsible for the mantainance of entries of organisations from their countries.

To add a new record, it is neccesary to request this action to MARIS (send e-mail to peter at or info at After the record is created, you are ready to add additional information.


EDMO - Editing entries

Mantainance is done through the EDMO on-line Content Management Service tool (

Only NODCs belonging to the SeaDataNet partnership have access to the CMS forms to maintain their national entries, activating or de-activating relevant entries. This requires a user and password unique for each NODC that has been provided to you by the central manager of MARIS.

Log in the CMS form using your EDMO username and password and start adding the details of the new Organization. You can use the Search boxes on the left top to find the Organization that you need to update. After filliing up fields, active the record in the catalog by pressing the red icon (switch to green).

EDMO CMS User Manual:


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