How to add/edit records in EDMERP catalog

EDMERP covers marine research projects for a wide range of disciplines including marine meteorology; physical, chemical and biological oceanography; sedimentology; marine biology and fisheries; environmental quality; coastal and estuarine studies; marine geology and geophysics etc. Research projects are described as metadata factsheets with their most relevant aspects. The primary objective is to support users in identifying interesting research activities and in connecting them to involved research managers and organisations across Europe. Currently, EDMERP describes around 3.000 research projects from organisations across Europe.


EDMERP - Submitting and editing new entries

National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODC) can edit all records and add new records for their respective countries. 

To add a new record, it is neccesary to access the EDMERP on-line Content Management Service tool (

Log in the CMS form using your EDMERP username and password (it's the same for EDMO) and start adding the details of the new project.

The "Project header" tab shows the main info of the project. It is neccesary to add a coordinator organisation. If your organisation is not present in the dropdown list, you must previously register it in the EDMO Catalag. In similar way, it is neccesary to add a contact person. To add a new one you can do it through the "Contacts" section inside the EDMERP CMS.

Fill in all the tabs and change the project to "Active".

EDMERP CMS User Manual:


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